Redefining Boundaries: First Adventure cub in Malaysia The 2024 Aveta Ranger Max Explorer

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Excitement fills the air as the 2024 Aveta RANGER MAX EXPLORER emerges, marking a new era in off-road-centric cub motorcycles. Aveta, renowned for innovative designs, introduces this model to the market with promises of adventure and exploration. Priced attractively at RM6,988 (excluding road tax), the RANGER MAX EXPLORER offers an affordable entry into off-road adventures.

Where adventure meets lifestyle

Manufacturer and Model Details

Aveta, a manufacturer, proudly presents the 2024 RANGER MAX EXPLORER. This new model embodies several key features that set it apart from its predecessors and contemporaries.

Key Features

The RANGER MAX EXPLORER boasts an array of distinctive attributes:

Front & Rear LED lights for enhanced visibility
Front LED headlight

Rear LED Light

LED Digital speedometer modern look
Simple yet modern

Off-road Ergonomic design ensuring comfort and control
Standing for control and comfort while sitting

Extremely lightweight frame, enabling agility at 115kg
Lightweight helps!

Large 8.5L fuel tank capacity for extended rides
Huge tank!

Robust 127cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC engine
Engine position almost horizontal to reduce vibrations

Unique spoke rim sizes for improved off-road capabilities
Adventure eccentric

Disc front brake and drum rear brake for optimal braking performance
Dual piston caliper disc brake

Incorporation of modern feature a USB charging port
Charging made easy


This model's performance is driven by a 127cc engine that delivers power and torque, enabling adventurous off-road journeys. With 7.5kW at 8000rpm and 10.5Nm at 5500rpm, the RANGER MAX EXPLORER promises a thrilling ride.

Off-road lightweight is good enough

Design Aesthetics

The RANGER MAX EXPLORER exhibits a captivating Modern-Retro Design, available in vibrant colors like Forest green and sierra yellow, appealing to both style enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

It is fun

Technology and Gadgets

While lacking in modern technological features like ABS for cost-efficiency, the motorcycle focuses on reliability and affordability without compromising on quality. Comparing it to its predecessor, the Ranger 110, the RANGER MAX EXPLORER demonstrates notable upgrades in engine capacity, design aesthetics, braking system, and fuel tank capacity. These enhancements elevate the riding experience for enthusiasts.
Great improvement from predecessor

Personal Perspective

Personally captivated by the rugged design, especially the striking yellow variant, the motorcycle presents an ideal off-road companion. Its off-road focus, coupled with affordability, positions it as an enticing option for adventure enthusiasts

Fully kitted Ranger Max


The Aveta RANGER MAX EXPLORER emerges as a promising addition to the world of motorcycles. Despite its simplicity in tech features, its emphasis on off-road capabilities and modern-retro aesthetics makes it an appealing choice for those seeking adventure.

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