Lost in the Roar: My Disheartening Experience at Kuching's Drag Racing Event 22/10/2023


Excitement bubbled within me as I prepared for the drag racing event I learned about it through Sin Tong Yong Exhaust Services' Facebook page. Anticipation filled the air as I headed to Sejingkat, Demak, hoping for an adrenaline-fueled day of drag races.

The post I saw in Facebook

Navigating the Confusion

However, my excitement turned to confusion as I struggled to find the event venue. Lacking clear signage, I wandered through unfamiliar roads, almost missing vital banners along the way. Eventually, I stumbled upon the crowd, a mix of relief and anticipation washing over me. Below are picture from google street 2019, vegetative lesser than 2023
From below, 1st banner. Middle 2nd banner. Top 3rd banner

2nd banner was small, the one i missed at first

Not gonna lie, abandoned like road I was scared because I ride alone

3rd banner was there, and I saw others

Event Day Dilemmas

Arriving at 8:10 am, I was met with a myriad of car categories, but the lack of information left me perplexed. Unclear about the event's structure and schedule, I felt disconnected, despite my eagerness to witness the races. A meager entry fee of 5 ringgit seemed inconsequential compared to the void of information.

No visual information, which category is racing, what is the next category.

Weather Woes and Disappointment

My enthusiasm for capturing drag cars on video was dampened by unexpected rain, leading to a postponement of the races. Bought 2 drinks that day and finally realized no rubbish bin I can see, I held and discard to my house rubbish bin.When the event finally kicked off after the weather cleared, my excitement quickly turned into frustration. The lack of visual aids, screens, or even basic time displays made it impossible to follow the races. The MC's announcements were drowned out by the cacophony of the crowd and drag cars burnouts, leaving me in the dark about the winners and losers. Attempts to move for a better view were thwarted by relentless crowd control, forcing me to watch people watching instead of the races.

This spot later was crowd controlled and i could'nt see the race

This spot also later got crowd controlled and again can't see the cars racing

Reflecting on the Experience

Leaving the event early, I reflected on the need for a proper drag strip stadium in Kuching. A city with a passionate motorsport community deserves a venue that matches their enthusiasm. The event's affiliation with the state government highlighted the potential for organized, legal drag races. A dedicated drag strip could transform these events from chaotic gatherings into thrilling, well-organized spectacles.
I hope appropriate party could make an eye opening for our thirst for motorsports


Gov can build a very limited sport, why not high demand sport?

Hope for the Future

In my disappointment, I found hope. I hoped that my experience would echo the sentiments of others, inspiring change. I hoped that concerned parties would take notice, fostering the development of a drag strip project. I longed for the day when motorsport enthusiasts in Kuching could gather at a well-equipped stadium, witnessing epic drag races without hindrance.

Many talented young people can make Sarawak's name in motorsport

In the midst of my frustration, my hope for a brighter, more organized future for motorsport in Kuching burned stronger than ever. Let us look forward to an era where our shared passion can thrive unhindered, bringing the thrill of drag racing to every enthusiast's heart.


Facebook post from The-10.socket

M.A.T auto garage posted " may motorsport in Sarawak continue to progress, we have a chance to join one day"

Brunei also participate the event, next time maybe Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. Can be one of the largest Tourism in Kuching!

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