Evolution of Yamaha FZ150 Series: A Comparison between MT15 and FZ150i


The Yamaha FZ150 series has left an indelible mark on the world of motorcycling, captivating riders with its performance, style, and continuous evolution. However, in 2018, the FZ150i was discontinued, making way for the introduction of the MT15, a worthy successor in Yamaha's naked motorcycle lineup. In this article, we delve into a comparison between the MT15 and the FZ150i, exploring the key features, specifications, and riding experience offered by each model. From the classic charm of the FZ150i to the modern allure of the MT15, we uncover the advancements that have shaped Yamaha's naked motorcycle offerings.

The Yamaha FZ150i - A Classic Entry-Level Sporty Motorcycle:

The FZ150i gained popularity as an entry-level sporty motorcycle, captivating riders with its affordability, reliability, and distinctive styling. Its 149cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine generated around 16 horsepower and 14 Nm of torque, providing a commendable performance level for its class. With a top speed of around 120 km/h and an average fuel consumption of approximately 40-45 km/l, the FZ150i remained an economical choice for both city commuting and longer journeys. Its agile handling, thanks to the telescopic fork at the front and mono-shock at the rear, made it a joy to ride on various terrains.

The MT15 - A Modern Naked Motorcycle

The Yamaha MT15, introduced as the successor to the FZ150i, embodies Yamaha's commitment to delivering modern, performance-oriented motorcycles. Equipped with a 155cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, the MT15 generates approximately 19 horsepower and 14.7 Nm of torque, offering a significant power boost compared to its predecessor. The MT15's engine also features Yamaha's Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology, which optimizes performance across different RPM ranges, providing enhanced power delivery and fuel efficiency.

Performance and Riding Experience:

When comparing the performance of the MT15 and FZ150i, it is evident that the MT15 offers a more potent engine, delivering improved acceleration and overall power. With around 19 horsepower, the MT15 can reach speeds beyond 120 km/h, offering a thrilling riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-pumping rides. Additionally, the VVA technology enhances the MT15's performance, ensuring smooth power delivery and fuel economy during daily commutes and long-distance journeys.


Handling and Comfort:

Both the FZ150i and MT15 excel in providing comfortable and stable rides. The FZ150i's telescopic fork at the front and mono-shock at the rear deliver a balanced and responsive handling experience. On the other hand, the MT15 features a USD (Upside Down) front fork, which further improves front-end stability and cornering performance. Additionally, both motorcycles are equipped with disc brakes on both wheels, ensuring reliable stopping power for enhanced safety.

Design and Styling:

The FZ150i showcases a classic and muscular design that has garnered a loyal fan base, appreciating its timeless charm. On the contrary, the MT15 flaunts a more aggressive and modern design language, inspired by Yamaha's "Dark Side of Japan" concept. The MT15's sharp lines and striking features, such as the LED projector headlight and angular tank design, have been well-received by riders looking for a contemporary and edgy appearance.

Is It Worth Buying the FZ150i in 2023?

1. Affordable Maintenance: One of the most significant advantages of the Yamaha FZ150i is its affordable maintenance cost. As the motorcycle has been in the market for several years, spare parts are readily available, and servicing costs are relatively lower compared to newer models. This makes the FZ150i an economical option for riders on a budget, providing them with peace of mind and cost-effectiveness in the long run.

2. Proven Reliability: The FZ150i has built a reputation for its durability and reliability over the years. With its time-tested engineering and robust construction, the FZ150i has proven itself as a sturdy and dependable motorcycle. Many owners praise its ability to withstand daily commutes, long journeys, and even occasional off-road adventures, making it a reliable companion for riders seeking a trustworthy machine.

3. Classic Design: The FZ150i's design has stood the test of time, and its classic appeal continues to resonate with riders. For those who appreciate a timeless and muscular appearance, the FZ150i's iconic styling remains captivating. The motorcycle's bold lines, angular tank design, and distinctive headlight make it an eye-catching ride that exudes confidence and charm.

4. Engaging Riding Experience: Despite being an entry-level motorcycle, the FZ150i offers an engaging and spirited riding experience. Its nimble handling and responsive performance make it a fun ride for both urban commuting and weekend getaways. The comfortable seating position and well-balanced ergonomics ensure that riders can enjoy extended rides without feeling fatigued.

5. Strong Second-hand Market: The FZ150i's popularity and reputation have contributed to a strong second-hand market for this motorcycle. For those looking to purchase a pre-owned bike, the FZ150i offers an attractive option with its reliability, affordability, and enduring appeal. Additionally, the availability of spare parts and service centers makes maintaining a second-hand FZ150i a hassle-free experience.

6. Community Support and Modifiability: The FZ150i has a dedicated community of enthusiasts and owners who support and share their experiences with the motorcycle. This camaraderie allows riders to find helpful tips, DIY maintenance guides, and even potential modifications to personalize their FZ150i. The motorcycle's modifiability and availability of aftermarket parts offer riders the opportunity to customize and make their FZ150i unique, reflecting their individual style and preferences.


1. Is the FZ150i still available for purchase in 2023?

No, the FZ150i was discontinued in 2018, making way for the MT15, which serves as its successor in Yamaha's naked motorcycle lineup.

2. How does the MT15's engine compare to the FZ150i's engine in terms of performance?

The MT15's engine offers more horsepower and torque compared to the FZ150i, providing improved acceleration and overall performance.

3. Which motorcycle is more fuel-efficient - the FZ150i or the MT15?

The FZ150i and MT15 both offer commendable fuel efficiency, with the FZ150i achieving an average of approximately 40-45 km/l and the MT15 providing competitive fuel economy as well.

4. What are the key differences in handling between the FZ150i and the MT15?

The MT15 features an upside-down front fork, which enhances front-end stability and cornering performance compared to the FZ150i's conventional telescopic fork.

5. Can the MT15 be considered a suitable replacement for the FZ150i?

Yes, the MT15 serves as a worthy successor to the FZ150i, offering modern features, enhanced performance, and contemporary styling for riders seeking a more powerful and edgy naked motorcycle.


While the Yamaha FZ150 series has seen its evolution culminate in the FZ150i, the MT15 represents Yamaha's advancement in the world of naked motorcycles. With its potent engine, modern design, and improved performance, the MT15 has taken the mantle as Yamaha's flagship entry-level sporty motorcycle. Both models cater to distinct riders, with the FZ150i appealing to those who appreciate classic charm and affordability, while the MT15 captures the hearts of riders seeking a contemporary and exhilarating ride. As Yamaha continues to innovate and craft exceptional motorcycles, the legacy of the FZ150 series lives on in the modern allure of the MT15, ensuring a thrilling

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